A few notes to play Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is a great game and great action than ever before. It brings a new level with a wide range of content more attractive and impressive challenge, speed game in this version is improved and enhanced greatly.


Strike Force Heroes 2 coming to be honest you will experience an actual space on the fantasy level. You’ll be shooting your way through dozens of missions and a variety of game modes as you build your own custom squad you – and if you find it difficult, let your friends to beat bad team using the “Squad Code”.

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character flashes up, down, left or right.
W keys, arrow up or “space” to jump.
S or down arrow key to bend
Q key or “shift” to transport weapons just for you
E or Ctrl keys to activate Killsteak
R keys to change ammo
And mouse combination Shooting enemies.

To be fair, Strike Force Heroes 2 sometimes still exist a few small errors in the original game, this time, however, compared to what it do, Strike Force Heroes 2 really deserves a terrible game brings a touch comfort to players with impressive action scenes.

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