Best shooting game Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is an action shooting game very attractive and interesting.

In this game, you must train your soldiers with thousands of weapons, upgrade armor and camouflage, to complete your task successfully. There are five different classes of soldiers, each with unique abilities, choose the one you like best.


Link :

The objective of the Strike Force Heroes 2 very simple which is to kill enemies and upgrade of equipment and your skills.

A key feature of the game Strike Force Heroes 2:

* 5 character classes
* There are plenty of medals for you to conquer
* 15 compelling missions
* Insane 3 levels (easy), Normal (Normal) and Hard (Hard)
* Shop to upgrade weapons, ammunition
* Beautiful 2D graphics, vivid character design

Gameplay and controls:

* A, S, D and W or the arrow keys to move
* R: Reload bullets
* Q or Shift: Change Weapon
* P or Esc: Pause
* Space: Jump
*Left Mouse to shoot

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